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About Us

With almost 30 supervisors looking after each job as if it was their own, Randal Lowe Plumbing takes great pride in knowing what is going on at each project.  Our warranty department is dedicated to 24 hour/7 day a week service to insure all of our customers are taken care of quickly and professionally.

Our office staff provides above average customer service, timely bids, scheduling management, production control, accounting and billing.  We maintain a fully stocked warehouses to insure that materials are accessible, making our installation time as efficient as possible. Highly trained and productive subcontractors, slab crews, waterline and sewer line crews, rough installations, crews and trim crews, all dedicated and proud of the work they produce. Family owned and operated. Randal and Gayle Lowe expect the best out of all their employees stressing customer satisfaction and quality workmanship over quantity.

505 Hames Road

Marietta, GA  30060

Tel:   770-423-1660

Fax:  770-428-0857

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